Todolivo I-15P

Todolivo I-15 Todolivo

Todolivo I-15P (Todolivo)

This variety comes from the Todolivo Genetic Improvement Programme. It was naturally obtained in 2008 by directed crossing between Arbosana Clon I-43® and Koroneiki Clon I-38®. This variety has a small size and an early, high and constant production. It has a very high fat yield both in early and late harvesting. It is tolerant of leaf spot, Tuberculosis and Verticillium.


Main features

  • Todolivo i-15

  • Tree

    Olive weight (g)Medium
    Pit weightMedium
    Fat yield (% sms)49,65

Oil Profile

Todolivo I-15P

Oil with intense fruitiness and apple-green colour. It has aromas of banana, apple and hints of almond shells. It is sweet and balanced on the palate, slightly bitter and slightly spicier.

  • Fatty acids (%)
    Palmitic (C16:0)12,70
    Palmitoleic (C16:1)0,83
    Stearic (C18:0)2,55
    Oleic (C18:1)75,53
    Linoleic (C18:2)6,37
    Linolenic (C18:3)0,71

    Virgin oil

    Mono/Polyunsaturated Relation10,85
    Biophenols (mg of tyrosol/kg of oil)
    Bitterness (K225)2,70
    Stability (hours at 120ºC)11,38

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These data may vary depending on the degree of ripeness, the environmental conditions, the farming techniques and the extraction system.