Imperial Clon I-23®


Imperial Clon I-23®

A variety selected by Todolivo, originating in Sierra Morena (Cordoba). Erect bearing and low robustness. Its productivity is average and constant. The flowering epoch is early and ripening is also early. Tolerant to winter cold and soil humidity. It is considered to be tolerant to tuberculosis, olive peacock spot and olive fruit fly. Ideal for rainfed crops, very resistant to drought.


Principal characteristics

  • Imperial_Todolivo

  • Tree

    Weight of olive (g)-
    Ratio pulp/stoneHigh
    Fat yield (% sms)48,50

Oil Profile

Imperial Clon I-23® Oil

Green type oil with intense fruitiness, with aromas of olive leaves, tomato, artichoke and with light hints of olive.
In the mouth the presence of vegetables is heightened. It is bitter, spicy and with average lightness which are very pleasant to the taste.

  • Fatty acids (%)
    Palmitic (C16:0)10,9
    Palmitoleic (C16:1)0,9
    Stearic (C18:0)3,2
    Oleic (C18:1)79,2
    Linoleic (C18:2)4,1
    Linolenic (C18:3)0,7

    Virgin Oil

    Relation Monounsaturated / Polyunsaturated 10,23
    Polyphenols (ppm caffeic acid)305
    Bitterness (K225)0,29
    Stability (hours at 120ºC)28,9

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This data may vary depending on the level of ripeness, the environmental conditions, the cultural techniques and the extraction system.