Koroneiki Clon I-38®

Koroneiki i-38_todolivo_fruto

Koroneiki Clon I-38®

A variety selected by Todolivo. Open bearing and average – high robustness. It comes into production very early and its productivity is very high (2,092 kg oil/hectare on average: data obtained in the trial of olive varieties in high density olive grove plantations, TODOLIVO, IFAPA and UCO) and constant. Tolerant to olive peacock spot.


Principal characteristics

  • Tree
    BearingErect – open
    RobustnessAverage – high

    Weight of olive (g)1,07
    Ratio pulp/stone2,70
    Fat yield (% sms)51,10

Oil Profile

Koroneiki Clon I-38® Oil

Green type, very fine in the mouth, fruity, very complex and with a high level of stability. Persistent and high in astringencies. Its characteristic colour is dark green. It is an i+i improver of any variety. Its oils are highly valued in the market.

  • Fatty acids (%)
    Palmitic (C16:0)11,61
    Palmitoleic (C16:1)0,83
    Stearic (C18:0)2,67
    Oleic (C18:1)76,31
    Linoleic (C18:2)6,92
    Linolenic (C18:3)0,58

    Virgin Oil

    Relation Monounsaturated / Polyunsaturated 10,32
    Polyphenols (ppm caffeic acid)384
    Bitterness (K225)0,237
    Stability (hours at 120ºC)15,80

  • Perfil del aceite (Variedades).indd

This data may vary depending on the level of ripeness, the environmental conditions, the cultural techniques and the extraction system.