Which varieties to plant?

  • Which varieties to plant?

    Any variety may be hedge planted on condition that it is handled properly. At Todolivo we help the farmer to choose the ideal varieties for his property. To do so, our technical department takes into account the objectives pursued by the farmer, the results of the agronomic study we carry out on the plough lands which make up the property, the climatology, the availability of water and the type of table olive or mono-variety /coupages oils sought, the farmer suggests which varieties are the most suited to being planted.

    Among the most outstanding are the following:

    The Reasons?

    They are very early and productive. Their production is high and constant, they are tolerant to several diseases and their oils have excellent fruity flavours and aromas which are highly appreciated and quoted on markets.

Comparison between


Sale of Robustness

Scale of Robustness

Pest and Disease Tolerance

Pest and Disease Tolerance





Ripening Epoch

Resistance to Drought

Resistance to Drought

Resistance to cold