Olive grinding service


Quality begins in the field
… and continues in the mill

The olives are transported to the mill on the same day they are harvested. The extraction process of the olive juice is carried out at room temperature in order not to alter its organoleptic properties and conserve all the vitamins and antioxidants in the oil.
Once obtained, the Extra Virgin oil is stored in the cellar, in stainless steel containers for its perfect conservation. Although it remains there for a very short time due to the high demand and esteem this oil has on the market.

Grinding and sale

The oil press has a daily production capacity of 750,000 kg. We, annually grind approximately from 15 to 25 million olives from high density olive groves.

We have been grinding olives from high density olive grove plantations during the 20 years. Every year the totality of the oil we have obtained has been Extra Virgin.

Our main objective is that the quality process, which begins in the field (harvesting all the olives from the tree at its ideal point of ripeness), is not interrupted in the mill.