Todolivo I-15P Revolutionises the olive growing industry

Todolivo I-15P


Small size, high fat yield, an extraordinary productive capacity
(kg of olive oil/ha) and an exceptional EVOO

The perfect option for Olive Grove in Hedge cultivation

Todolivo I-15P

This new olive tree variety comes from Todolivo’s Genetic Improvement Programme. It was naturally obtained in 2008 through cross pollination between Arbosana Clon I-43® and Koroneiki Clon I-38®.

Agronomic Assessment

This variety is of small size, of medium-to-low vigour, and has an open growth habit. In addition to this, it has low pruning needs and it shows a quick productive response to pruning, thus allowing for easy and economical agronomic management.

It is characterised by an early, high and constant production and a high fat yield, both in its early ripening and late ripening stages, and it is in the former when it shows the greatest production differences compared to the other varieties.

In the trials carried out to date, this variety has yielded more kg of olive oil/ha than its parents and than an international selection of 33 traditional varieties to which it is being compared at the “La Mata” and “Las Hazuelas” irrigated estates and at the “El Calderito Alto” rainfed estate. A PRODUCTION COMPARISON with the traditional varieties tested at “La Mata”, click on view tables.

Its fruit offers high extractability when milled.

It is resistant to leaf spot disease and tolerant of Verticillium and tuberculosis.

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Todolivo I-15P

A very productive variety that will allow farmers to achieve greater profitability in their fields and
to produce an extraordinary EVOO that is unique in the world.

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