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El Calderito Alto

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  • Location: Calderito Alto Research Centre Córdoba
    Area: 28,5 ha
    Type: Rainfed
    Planting date: Winter 2018
    Varieties included in the trial: 100: 38 obtained in the first crossing stage + 34 from the second crossing stage + a selection of 28 traditional varieties with which they are compared.

In this trial a total of 72 new varieties are massively evaluated: 38 obtained in the 1st stage of the Genetic Improvement Programme and 34 from the 2nd crossing stage, which are compared with an international selection of 28 varieties.

These 100 varieties are arranged in 100 rows and each row includes trees of the same variety. At “Calderito Alto” there also is part of a second replication of this rainfed trial. The other part corresponding to this second replication is located at the ’Las Hazuelas’ estate.