Turnkey irrigation


Obtain the maximum advantage and yield from your property

If you have water available to be able to irrigate, you can choose plantations with backup irrigation or with irrigation.77_2
These admit tighter layouts, they are more productive and enable you to stabilise your production to a greater extent.

“Turnkey” Installation

At Todolivo, we have an irrigation department composed of experienced agricultural engineers and fitters, as well as all the products required to set up your irrigation installation efficiently and completely.

Our Irrigation Department, works in perfect tune with the Plantations Department in order to know the hydric needs of the plantation, take measurements and plan the irrigation based on these, as well as coordinating the field work for its perfect implementation.

Project design · Turnkey installation · Pools · Primary and secondary piping · Drip feeder piping
Automatic filters · Electric valves · Programmers, etc.

21 years setting up “turnkey” installations for High Density Olive Groves