Sale of Extra Virgin olive oil

The imperceptible acidity, the intense fruity flavours and aromas, together with the rest of its excellent organoleptic properties, have transformed the oils from high density olive groves into a quality reference on the market

  • Bulk

    For all the clients who wish, Todolivo has a commercial service specialised in the commercialisation of bulk Extra Virgin oil originating solely and exclusively from high density olive grove plantations.

    During the 21 years we have been involved in this work, the totality of the oil we have obtained and sold every year has been Extra Virgin.

    With time, we have become important suppliers of Extra Virgin oil from high density olive grove plantations in Spain, Italy and other international markets.


  • Bottled

    Todolivo has a home delivery service under the brand name “Todoliva” for an extraordinary Extra Virgin oil obtained from a blend of olives of the “SikititaP”, “Arbequina Clon I-21®”, “Arbosana Clon I-43®”, “Koroneiki Clon I-38®” and Imperial Clon I-23® varieties, from high density olive grove plantations.

    This oil is characterised by its low acidity, smoothness in the mouth and intense fruity flavours and aromas.