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  • Todolivo_MatAgr_varios2



    Especially intended to capture dipterans (flies). The bait can be food or pheromone preparations, which are much more effective. DDVP is also used. It is made of two plastic pieces. The upper piece is transparent and the base is yellow, with an opening where the flies enter. The yellow base attracts the flies and is supplemented by the bait placed inside.

    Recommended for controlling the Olive Fruit Fly (Dacus Oleae)

    MASKS, MANTLES, RAKES, RODS and many more.

  • “POLILLERA” TRAPTodolivo_MatAgr_varios1


    This trap is ideal for most of the lepidopteran plagues, especially the larger moths, above all when there is a large number of these, owing to its high capacity. DDVP is placed inside the base so that the insects can be trapped. The pheromone diffuser is placed in a small cage located in the centre of the cover. The trap has two hooks to hang it with. It is recommended for the control of the “Euzophera pinguis”