What does it consist of and what is the objective?

The Todolivo High Density Olive Grove

100% of the oil obtained is Extra Virgin and is produced at a lower cost

What does it consist of?

Planting olive trees in line, subsequently applying espalier training so that, when they grow, they form continuous lines of olive trees similar to hedges, which make it possible for them to be harvested by a harvester machine. The plantation layout will vary depending on the variety, the water available, the type of terrain and the climate.

Apt for irrigation, being rainfed and backup irrigation

What is the objective?



In order to take maximum advantage of the space, light and water available in order to produce the most Kg of oil /hectare with the maximum quality and the minimum cost possible.

Successfully tested on more than 30,000 hectares with different soils and climates.

Profitability without subsidies.