Training Systems


Bamboo cane: the most efficient, economical and ecological form to train your plantation.

  • Training with bamboo cane is our usual training system although we have sometimes set up estates with mesh trellises.

    With the bamboo cane training system we prevent the damaging “screen effect” of the action of the wind on the line of olive trees tanks to the fact that the stakes are independent of each other and reduce the resistance to the wind.

    We use very resistant bamboo canes of two types. The canes are waterproof in the first 50 cm. The dimensions of the canes used are: 2.5 m high and 18-22 mm thick.


    They make it possible to guide the plant in a pyramid shape and help to sustain the olive tree ecologically and economically during growth. Moreover, they are degradable, they do not damage the plant by chafing due to the action of the wind, nor do they impede the pruning and harvesting work.

  • Placing

    The placing of the stakes is carried out mechanically, quickly and simply with the planting machines.