Rainfed High Density Olive groves

  • Get the most out of your estate with profitable cultivation which is easy to manage and has low investment costs

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  • At Todolivo we created our first rainfed High Density Olive Grove Plantations in 1999, and since then, we have very successfully planted thousands of hectares.

    These plantations have important advantages

    • 100% of the oil obtained is Extra Virgin
    • Low investment cost
    • Highly productive
    • Easy to manage
    • Low maintenance and harvesting costs
    • They produce Extra Virgin olive oil at a lower cost
    • Excellent relation between the investment made and the production generated

    Depending on the type of soil, climate and the variety or varieties the grower wants to plant, each estate has an ideal layout. At Todolivo we help you to find this.

    See examples of production of rainfed High Density Olive grove estates

    Examples of production

  • The only hydric resource these plantations have is rainwater