The basis of ecological fertilising

This contributes enormously to rooting and speed up the growth of the plant in the first phases of growth.

    • Nature

      A material of natural origin from the crushing of rock of the Zeolite family. It improves the capacity of cationic change of the soil, putting the nutrients at the disposal of the plants with no energy used up by these. It avoids the loss of nutritional compounds to deep layers.

    • Result in the field

      In many of the estates where Litonita has been applied, the provision of fertilisers has been significantly reduced as on the Pedro Abad (Córdoba) Estate which has had 14 consecutive harvests with no applications of mineral fertilisers after that of Litonita.

    Storage of nutrients and humidity

    One of its main qualities is the capacity it has to store the nutrients originating fundamentally from the decomposition of the crushed remains of pruning. It also has aptitudes for the absorption and desorption of water. It increases the soil structure facilitating airing.

    FFundamental for future savings in fertilisation costs.