Harvesting with a harvester

Synonym of Quality

  • Quality begins in the field

    It improves quality

    Harvesting with a harvester makes it possible for 100% of the oil obtained in an exploitation to be Extra Virgin due to the speed of harvesting of the mechanical harvesters, which ranges between 10 to 25 hectares depending on the plantation layout. This speed enables us to harvest the totality of the olives on an estate at the best time of ripening in order to produce extra virgin oils of an extremely high quality.

    Health guarantee

    It guarantees that al the olives have been harvested from the tree without touching the ground, thus preserving the health and organoleptic quality of the oil.

    Highly valued fruity oils

    There is a high demand in the market for oils from high density olive grove plantations and they are quoted at a higher price.


B-9090 Olive (New Holland )

Todolivo_cosechadora_EN The fastest and most efficient harvester in the market for the harvesting of olives.

It incorporates the most innovative technology for harvesting in high density olive groves and is capable of harvesting from higher trees and at a faster rate than any other.

It is capable of harvesting 1 kg of olives at between 2 and 5 cents (average).

Is speed oscillates between 50 minutes and 2.5 hours/hectare (depending on the harvest plantation layout of between 10 and 25 ha)..

Its Self-levelling System enables it to harvest in properties with uneven terrain. In the event that the property has “a high level of unevenness” a previous study of slopes must be requested.

The Todolivo High Density Olive Grove System served as a reference model for the development of this harvester.

Todolivo harvesting service

  • Todolivo Harvesting Service

    Harvesting team
    made up of

    • A team of experienced machinists and hydraulic mechanics.
    • 16 “B-9090 Olive and VX7090 Olive (New Holland) fast harvesters
    • Gondolas and tractor heads for the transport of the harvesters to the property.


    • Transport of harvester to the property.
    • Technical assistance: composed of expert hydraulic mechanics, who help to quickly and efficiently resolve any mechanical incidence which might arise on the property during harvesting.