Ecological High Density Olive Groves


    The ecological olive grove must be subjected to control so that the oil obtained can subsequently be sold with the denomination “ecological”. To ensure this, the ecological olive grower must notify any of the authorised private companies in his Community of the activity and subject the company to the control system. Through visits to the olive exploitation and analyses, these companies will verify and guarantee that the olive growers have complied with the legislation which regulates the production.

    To date, the simplest and fastest way to have an ecological high density olive grove is to raise it as “non-ecological” during the first 3 years. Once the high density grove is formed, request the transformation to ecological. This lasts for three years. During this time, the oil obtained can be sold as “oil in conversion to ecological”. Once this transition period has finalised, the oil can be sold as “biological” or “ecological”.

    At Todolivo we have a technical team specialised in ecological agriculture which will advise you on the following:

    • Soil management. Fertilisation plan
    • Diseases and plagues
    • Management of ground vegetation layers
    • Pruning, etc.
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    The Ecological high Density Olive Grove Estate situated in the region of Alicante of the Medio Vinalopó, in Monóvar, belonging to the company “Alquería Xinosa”. This estate is technically assisted by Todolivo and has obtained the prize for the best ecological Extra Virgin oil in Spain


    We currently have a complete range of products authorised for ecological agriculture:

    • Nutrients
    • Biological insecticides
    • Pheromones and other insect attracting elements
    • Fungicides, etc.

    which comply with the European legislation in force.