Management and administration of properties

All our experience and our R&D&I at your service

  • Technical Management

    This supposes one level more than technical assistance, it entails more responsibility of our engineers in the handling of the property. This is especially suitable for those who seek to maximise their profits at the lowest cost possible and who do not have time to efficiently organise, supervise and coordinate all the agronomic tasks of your property.

    Administration of rustic properties

    If you want your property to be integrally and transparently administered by professional experts, TODOLIVO places the “Administration of Rustic Properties” Service at your disposal.

    This service includes the following:
    • Technical assistance and management service
    • Accounting service
    • Complete, detailed cost analysis of your property.
    • Taxation, employee contracting, agricultural services, etc.

    More than 30 years’ experience in the management of olive growing explications

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